The Postgraduate Program

The postgraduate program “Technologies and Services for Intelligent Information and Communication Systems (Smart ICT technologies)” (Government Gazette 3743/B/07.09.2020) aims at developing technologies, models, and methods related to the efficient management and processing of big data, knowledge extraction, and assisting decision-making in critical national/regional sectors, particularly in modern cyber systems, education, and businesses/organizations. Emphasis is also placed on familiarizing and implementing entrepreneurship and open innovation.

This postgraduate program falls within the framework of developing specialized digital skills (e-skills) as proposed by the European Union and international academic practices. It aims to cultivate high-level professionals for our country’s public or private sectors by nurturing specialized digital skills in postgraduate students, including:

  • Advanced Security Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning Technologies
  • Big Data Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Communications and Next-Generation Networks
  • Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems
  • User Interfaces and Mobile Technologies
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques
  • Advanced Knowledge Discovery Techniques
  • Advanced Educational Technology Systems
  • Design and Deployment of Educational Content
  • Digital Skills for STEM Sciences
  • Business Analysis
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Business Information Systems

Additionally, it aims to foster horizontal entrepreneurial skills through technology.

This postgraduate program is an evolution of the postgraduate program “Technologies and Infrastructures for Broadband Applications and Services,” established by ministerial decision 42029/E5 (Government Gazette 1284/Β’/11.04.2012), which operated successfully at the Department of Computer Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece during the academic years 2013 – 2018.